Frequently asked questions

Who are the people behind SOFA?

SOFA is a 501 (c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation made up of a diverse, professional membership. Our growing membership includes those who work as Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Realtors, Health and Wellness Experts, and other specialized persons. SOFA members share a common belief that an educated public brings value, not just to the community but ultimately to our various professionals through goodwill and understanding.

What, essentially, does SOFA do?

SOFA members go out into the community and speak from their professional knowledge, background, and experience. Typically, SOFA members either go to where your company or organization already gathers or they conduct individual workshops primarily on an "invitation only" guests.

How long has SOFA been in existence?

SOFA has been in existence since 1993. We have given thousands of presentations nationwide and continue to be invited back by our hosting organizations, or asked by many to repeat our presentations to our "invitation only" guests.

Where are SOFA seminars held?

Our individual "invitation only" seminars often are held at restaurants, hotels, and libraries. Our company or organization workshops usually are held at the host company or where the organization hold it's sessions or meetings.

SOFA must be selling something, what is it?

SOFA is selling our belief that all individuals not only should, but must, take control of their personal finances. It's their responsibility - not the company or organization. Our workshops are created for the attendee to become empowered, inspired to take control, find out more, use our seminar content, and possibly create a working relationship with any of our presenters. All of our work is at absolutely no obligation to any of our attendees and hosts. If attendees wish to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with one of our presenters, for a no obligation review, that option certainly is encouraged.

What does SOFA charge?

SOFA seminars are provided at no cost. We do not charge any fees.

If SOFA does not charge and isn't selling products, what's in it for SOFA?

Our non profit is funded by the dues of our members and through philanthropy by inspired individuals, companies, and organizations who wish to make charitable donations to SOFA. Why are we doing this? Take a good look around America! Our schools do not provide financial literacy as a requirement or core curriculum. Our mounting debt in student loans, credit cards, and automobiles is skyrocketing. Divorces over "money issues" are increasing. While the issues continue, the results of continued financial literacy grow everyday! What in it for us? Various things:
• A gratitude in "giving back" to people who need our program, our content, our mission, and our presenters.
• An opportunity to possibly, on a first hand basis, step up and be available for the many Americans who have no idea where to go, or who to see for their financial needs.
• The experience of being part of a much needed "movement" bringing "into the light" help and financial assistance by providing to our attendees the answers to their needs and solutions to their financial issues.