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Important Note:
The pandemic has forced us to postpone many of our workshops.  If you would like to be notified when we resume public workshops just shoot us an email letting us know.

SOFA Brevard offers free financial education workshops with absolutely no selling. Our workshops are informative and interactive, covering topics such as Retiring in a Rising Tax Environment, Maximize Social Security in Retirement, Staying Fiscally Fit, Caring for Aging Parents, and much more.

As we discuss the issues with other SOFA professionals around the country, the consensus is that employers are trying to identify and find ways to restructure as they return to “normal”.


  1. Employers are concerned about the stress levels of employees as they return to work or are working remotely:

  • The stress on everyone as we continue to maneuver through covid19 creates stress on families, which reflects in job performance.

  • In addition, many families have aging parents that are more susceptible to covid – social distancing at work becomes a factor for many employees and employers.

  1. SOFA helps employers to focus on the financial issues that weigh employees down as the worry about the future and planning for retirement.  This ultimately helps employers to take care of part of the stress of returning to “normal” that may relieve some of the stress that each family lives with daily.

  2. Before COVID-19, many employees had concerns and questions about:

    1. Do we have enough in savings to retire comfortably and maintain a reasonable lifestyle?

    2. When would be the best time to retire based on my savings and investments?

    3. When should I elect to take Social Security?  How can I maximize my benefits?

    4. Will Social Security still be there for me later in life?

    5. Do I understand that my Social Security will most likely be taxable in retirement?   Do we know how to reduce or eliminate that tax?

    6. Should I move some investments into Roth IRAs that will provide tax-free income?

    7. Am I saving enough today to provide the lifestyle I want for my family in retirement?

    8. Have I planned for unexpected occurrences like health issues or death of a family member?

  3. Retirement today for most employees in their 50’s or 60’s has changed from the retirement that their parents planned for.  There is a dramatic change that even our government hasn’t calculated. 

  4. Today’s retiree’s have to plan around the impact of the Baby Boom generation.   78 million people all crunching into retirement at the rate of 10,000 people a day, which will change how we plan for retirement .

    1. How will this affect Medicare or Social Security?

    2. How will this affect medical costs?  Do they know the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplements and how they will help cover the costs of illness?

    3. How will the government deal with the rising costs due to 78 million people retiring?   Will they be forced to raise income taxes to help cover the increases in cost?


Many of the workshops provided by SOFA professionals help employees to understand the pitfalls of planning for retirement through a number of workshops that address each of these issues.   More importantly, we help employees and their families to develop a plan to navigate around many of these issues. 


Our workshop are free, fact-filled and fun!   They bring up the issues that many of us never knew about.   We know that knowledge is power.  The more each employee understands the rules and the pit-falls, the greater the opportunity to plan for a comfortable lifestyle.    

There is absolutely no selling, and each attendee has the ability to meet with our presenters individually to understand how these strategies can help them avoid problems. 

Please look through our website and you should be able to answer most of your questions.  Please feel free to reach out to us to understand how we may be able to help you and your employees. 

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