Our most popular workshops

We may be able to combine workshop topics upon request

Estate Planning
  •  Distribution of estate, wills, and trusts.

  •  Specific estate planning strategies.

  •  The purpose of estate planning.

  •  Avoiding probate.

Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
  • Looking at your options at distribution time from a  company retirement plan.

  • Understand the impact of erosion through inflation & taxation.

  • Proper steps in reviewing 401K performance.

  • Why plan design is critical.

Getting Fiscally Fit
  •  Basic principles of cash management.

  •  Roadblocks to financial success.

  •  Accumulating wealth.

  •  The importance of having a financial blueprint.

  •  Locating & maximizing discretionary income

 Type of benefits are you eligible to receive.
  •  Difference between full retirement age and delayed retirement.

  •  Filing for benefits.

  •  Retirement planning strategies.

  •  Annuity type distinction.