Education, Workshops, and Lessons Learned

In this now infamous CBS 60 Minutes interview from 2007, our previous Comptroller General David Walker spells out concerns about Government spending and unfunded financial promises. The commentary in this video helps us understand why taxes will likely increase in the future.

Our SOFA Retirement Planning workshop encompasses all the information needed for prospective retirees to make educated decisions.

This video will help you understand why your employee's retirement will be dramatically affected should taxes go up like many expect. The Power of Zero helps us understand how to navigate around rising taxes.

SOFA empowers your employees to make educated decisions when planning for their retirement.

Besides just being hilarious, this video offers us a great lesson.  See if you can identify what that lesson is?

Some of our more popular workshops:

Social Security:

Deciding when to start taking Social Security can be a daunting task.  However, it's crucial that you spend time learning your options before making a decision.

Retirement Planning:

Most people spend more time planning a 1-week vacation than they do planning their retirement (which could last 20-30 years). 

Fiscally Fit:

We all know how important it is to keep our mind and body in good physical condition. However keeping yourself Fiscally Fit can be just as important, both mentally and physically.